February 2016

Dear Washington Irving Families,

BreakfastWhat amazing weather we had last week! I hope you and your children were able to enjoy some time outdoors throwing the frisbee back and forth or even riding bikes.  Unfortunately it looks as though our winter weather is returning once again.  This hint of spring reminds me it’s right around the corner and with it comes our annual time of testing.  The Oklahoma Core Curriculum Tests or OCCT for short, happens during the month of April for grades 3rd – 5th.  Fifth grade will begin soon, however, with the writing test coming up on February 23rd through the 25th.  We always encourage parents to be sure your child gets lots of rest and a healthy breakfast prior to these tests, but we also want you to be enthusiastic and positive when discussing the tests.  I must admit I was very surprised when my own son expressed concern to me at the beginning of the year when sharing his fear of the test.  This took me back because I have never spoken with him about it and yet he was filled with anxiety.  It is amazing how perceptive our children can be.

As parents we have the power to lead by example.  Remaining positive and affirming our  children at every opportunity has such a strong impact on our children’s lives.  So take the opportunity of a warm day to connect with your child(ren). Toss the ball back and forth or race them down the sidewalk.  Connect with them by sharing something you loved as a child. Affirm them and build their confidence because the security of loving parents will   directly, and positively impact their education.

Jason Engelke
Assistant Principal