March 2016

Dear Washington Irving Families,

SunsetHow was your weekend? Seems as though this is the common question asked at work every Monday. Both teachers and students alike can be overheard asking one another this question and the answers will vary. How would you respond to this question? I recently heard a commentator on the radio talking about how we feel after various weekends. His comments were about how our mind measures quality of time, not in hours and seconds but in meaningful moments. It was stated our mind measures the quality of a weekend many times by how busy we are or how much we pack into a weekend. Instantly I thought, “If only I had a weekend to just relax and do nothing!” But as I truly reflected on my time, I usually do come back to work energized and positive when I’ve been busy and active over Saturday and Sunday.

PopcornWhat does this mean for you? Well, Spring Break is almost here and the children will have a much needed break from their “work.” It is my hope that during this time, you may be able to make it fun and meaningful for them. This does not necessarily mean a trip to Disney World, but it could be as special as going out to get ice cream or the movies (or perhaps a day trip to some of the local museums in and around the city.) In all of these cases our children love spending time with us as parents, and these times are meaningful to them.

So to help you with your Spring Break, I’ve included some ideas of things to do with your child/children: ride bikes together, get a large box from an appliance store to make a fort, do a treasure hunt, give your child cooking lessons, do a service project. What if you want to go somewhere? The Oklahoma Museum of Art has a Junior Artist program – just ask for a backpack as you buy your tickets. Have you been to the Pioneer Town inside National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum? Check it out! How about getting up close and personal with some iron giants at the Railway Museum!

You may choose to do some or all of them, but you will be surprised how much your child will remember the memories you’ve created together. I encourage you to make an itinerary for the week and fill the time you have with your children creating special moments to remember.

Jason Engelke
Assistant Principal