Meet our Amazing Teachers!


Cara Day (not pictured)
Elisabeth Forester
Mary Sue Rivera
(Pictured – Stacey Knight, retired)

Pre kindergarten teachers


Magen Collier
Morgan Hanna
Keela Morgan
Whitney Welch
Lauren Cady (not pictured)
Kaitlyn Dewitt (not pictured)

Kindergarten teachers

First Grade

Jocelyn Grajeda
Ashley Jimenez
Katie Minteer
Katelyn Pistone
Russell Williams

1st grade teachers

Second Grade

Katie Anderson
Kerianne Hasan
Sarah Lasiter
Lola Maxwell
Nancy Priddy

2nd grade teachers

Third Grade

Amanda Brett
Jacinta Crudup
Madison Hokuf
Rachel Wiggers
Katie Weir

3rd grade teachers

Fourth Grade

Kimberly Bonner
Carisa Godwin
Kayla Mullally
Melissa Patton
Kelly Searfoss

4th grade teachers

Fifth Grade

Amber Bolding
Kyla Sternlof
Natalie Wehmuller
Melisa Wood
Michelle Yance

5th grade teachers


Wendy Boring, K-2
Tatyana Mann, 3-5

Counselor Boring

Specials Teachers

Carly King, PE
Linda Lyle, Art
Jenn Maly, PE
Shannon Pratt, Library Media Director
Marcia Rains, GATE
Meredith Roan, Computer Science
Madeline Romano, Music

Specials teachers

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